You, my bride ...

The Charm of Tradition, the vanguard of Innovation

Amelia Casablanca only creates dresses Bride "timeless"The special cuts, imbued with the richest Sicilian culture, replicated with new fabrics and embroideries.

The tradition is revisited with art, clothes are strict building but eccentric in the design.

Simply perfect is the combination of tradition and innovation, classicism and avant-garde.

In collections Wedding Dresses Amelia Casablanca Research of the cut, the study of new proportions, are enhanced by fine fabrics, often inlaid with baroque and renaissance lace. A trend that crosses this almost in the art, where the taste of today and that of yesterday chasing each other up to fit in a Mediterranean and cosmopolitan inspired symbiosis.

The female body is enclosed in malicious bodices embroidered by silver wires that run punctuated by crystals and blend with the refinement of French laces. Shoots of flowers - handmade and natural shades - are willing to very precious embroidery on silk organza; yet thin wires tape interwoven mesh and dot of luminescent crystals that bind to tiny flakes.

It 'like watching an explosion of emotions of the past ....

Combinations of innovative and engaging of various forms "light" further this cutting-edge collection materials created for the bride who does not give up a touch of undisputed romance.

The day of "Yes" signed by Amelia Casablanca marks the return of the models and volumes exasperated held by draping of the highest craftsmanship.

The Passion and Love

For over fifty years Amelia Casablanca creates dresses Haute Couture Bride.

Its Wedding Dresses have "movements"Poetic art, are the result of an idea that originates from the typical evocations of fairy tales, coming out of an inner world where the dream is expressed with light and with all its delicate and intense shades.

Surely the primary factor in the success of Amelia Casablanca is the meticulous attention paid to the raw materials used, always of the highest quality. Every day at the laboratories of Amelia Casablanca, We study innovative techniques to confer upon the selected raw materials new meanings. Of course, the processing is strictly handmade. Each creation is then hand-finished and this is synonymous with high professionalism and guaranteed quality for each dress.

In the collection exalts the purely artisanal character of the wedding dress.

The tailoring, games of transparency, the sumptuousness of the lines, magic embroidery, make each signed Amelia Casablanca proposed creating a refined, unique, unrepeatable. Dresses enchanting in their simple elegance, with a touch of frivolity, of eccentricity with full respect for the brand's image.