My Life for Brides

Memories and Projects Amelia Casablanca

A biography of our Amelia telling dreams, projects and successes of an Artist who has dedicated his life to Brides

Written by fashion and lifestyle journalist Biba Merlo stories by Amelia Casablanca, "My Life for Brides" is a book that reveals the nature strong, courageous and enthusiastic of a woman facing the world with his infectious smile has succeeded in giving life to a company of great success with a brand synonymous with manufacturing excellence in Italy and around the world!

An art that sent the son John, Which says: "My mother has realized his childhood dream by creating wedding dresses which were felt women undisputed queens.Countless difficulties encountered in its path, especially in the beginning, like when he was forced to cut the tissues in the bed because not even had the appropriate table to be able to give life to the desires of every woman ".

Pride of Made in Italy

Luxury, refinement, style and craftsmanship of the highest quality: only and solely Amelia Casablanca.