The Amelia Casablanca Flowers

That extra touch ...

Precious floral decorations for a delicate charm.

Refined craftsmanship for Wedding dresses Enchanting. When the eye rests on flowers Amelia Casablanca one remains dazzled by the end elegance and original. With great skill of our craftsmen create beautiful flower arrangements in rich fabrics that adorn and enhance your Wedding dress. The wealth of fresh petals sublimates the lines of our gowns, enhancing colors and shapes.

Flowers in Wedding Dresses
Amelia Casablanca

Wind Spring.

Embroidery, crystals, applications decorate these romantic and daring clothes ... and now even fragrant.

It is a subtle game of contrasts that soul's clothes Amelia Casablanca, Construction dreamlike and visionary, where tailoring and experimental blend. Sete, taffeta, Mikado and even razmir and fluffy organza inlaid with contrasting trimmings and precious French laces. A final result in balance between romanticism and modernity. But the flowers are orange, now mignon now in macro version, the real stars of the new collection. The zagare compositions, made of silk and treated with a special fragrance, However, are not simple decorations. Every bouquet is a small masterpiece of tailoring engineering: just tap it to unleash intense and fruity notes.

Unusual touches without losing the traditional bridal gown.

Discover how our flowers