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Not simple Wedding Dresses

Unique dresses, expertly embroidered and hand-sewn in Amelia Casablanca's Atelier, stitch by stitch, day after day.

The result?

Naturally Beautiful, Precious Dresses

where Luxury reigns, where leaves, flowers, fabrics, laces, crystals and jais light up ... and move ... and play ... and climb, now on draperies that wrap mermaid silhouettes, now on splendid ultramodern, almost transparent bustiers , lace-ups and fences, now on the mischievous necklines, to then end up on the fantastic skirts that are intertwined with tulle, taffeta, silks and even laces, to explode in immense volumes and enveloping, fluffy, but very light lines.

For over fifty years Amelia Casablanca has been a symbol of Uniqueness, Refinement, Refinement, Culture, Modeling and Style.

Amelia Casablancais synonymous with that typically Italian culture that is able to bring dreams to life, to combine them with laces, silks, embroideries, to give that extra touch that distinguishes a Wedding dress signed Amelia Casablanca which has always characterized the marked taste of Made in Italy, where pomp and luxury reign!

Collections of Dream Wedding Dresses

Sophisticated, rich, where the perfect balance between Dream and Reality rhymes and combines perfectly with craftsmanship, art and modern technologies but also with uniqueness and wisdom.

Just look at the construction of the clothes, which look like very light living sculptures, the perfection of the lines, the intelligence with which the materials are used, underline the great skill and all the Love that Amelia Casablanca It puts us to create His Brides!

The Collections of Wedding Dresses by Amelia Casablanca still arise from the perfect match between seduction and femininity.

Tradition, innovation and Mediterranean moods characterize all the new creations.